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Nail Polish As a Ringworm Home Remedy

Although there is no shortage of options at your local pharmacy for treating your ringworm infection, the treatments that are available in the form of cream or an ointment can be really expensive. The worst part is that they do not always work. For this reason, many people are trying to use nail polish as a ringworm home remedy.

Because ringworm is a fungus, applying polish and allowing it to try will help starve the infection of oxygen, which should kill it. You can use any brand or color of nail polish for this purpose, but many people prefer something that is clear because it dries faster and isn’t as noticeable on the skin.

Applying the nail polish to the infection is easy. To make sure that you cover up all of the infected areas with the polish, you may want to use a black light to see where the infection is. From there, simply cover all the areas with your clear polish and allow it to dry fully. This will starve the infection of oxygen and it will begin to die.

Using nail polish as a ringworm home remedy is quite easy to do. Do not give up if the infection does not go away within the first few days, because it will usually take up to three weeks for it to totally kill the infection. Continue to reapply the polish to the affected areas several times per day until it is gone.

Nail polish works great as a ringworm home remedy. It does not work for everyone, but it won’t cost much to try it out. If you have some old polish lying around that you do not plan to use anymore, it will not cost you anything.

Source by Jed Q. Mason

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