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Night Fishing: The Essentials

What are the essentials when doing a nights fishing trip?

Picture the scene… its freezing, sometimes minus degrees and you are about to venture outside to a lake to do a weekend of fishing. You will need to pack all the necessary equipment, clothing, food, supplies and anything else in case of an emergency. Here is a guide which will help you to plan your overnight stay in all weather conditions and all times of year.


You need to make sure that you have the warmest of clothing which can also radiate you and keep you warm. If you are a dedicated fisherman then you will be daring to go in the winter months, there is only one word for it – Thermals. These are a fantastic way to keep warm and with them getting increasingly popular you can find them in most places for around £10-£20. In order to make all of your body warm you are best having the long sleeved t shirt and then long johns, these are just the basis of the clothing. On top of this then you will need to wear a suit, a proper insulated fishing suit. There are many of these on the market and the prices range from £50-£200. A good thick pair of socks, gloves, and a scarf will always add to your comfort. If you do decide to go in the cold months you will understand that the weather is very unpredictable and so if it pours down and you will no doubt get very muddy, this is where a good pair of fishing boots comes in handy.


This is an important section because this is what you are going to need to actually sleep, fish and live for the duration of your trip. First of all you are going to need a Bivvy – a strong, durable and waterproof tent which will be your home. You need to make sure that the bivvy has memory skin as this adapts and changes in different weather conditions. Inside the bivvy you will need to have a comfortable bed chair, this is much better than sleeping on the floor and will enable you to keep warm throughout the night. A 5 season sleeping bag is the best to get; these are the same sleeping bags that hikers and mountaineers use in the coldest of places. So the perfect solution is to wear your thermals, suit and get inside your sleeping bag on top of your bed chair. If you’re not warm by this stage then I don’t know when you will be! Another crucial piece of equipment – a stove, a wonderful invention which is portable and will be used every day throughout your trip, it is best to have petrol fuelled stoves as these are better in the cold months. If you decide to use a gas stove then make sure that you buy a cover for the canisters because they can freeze in the winter months.

In the trip you will be taking part in a lot of cooking and so you will need the utensils in order to do the job, you will need:

– A proper food bag with insulation and cooling facilities with plates and cutlery.

– A knife, fork and spoon (If you do not have the bag)

– A wooden spoon

– Tongs for frying food

– A sponge/cloth

– Washing up liquid

– A whisk

– Set of pans

All of these are basic items that you will need to use and it is really hard to try and find something else similar if you have not got the tools.


When you are staying overnight you need plenty of food supplies and this is to keep your energy levels up and to also keep you busy whilst waiting for your 30lb carp. You need to take food which can be stored well, filling and easy to prepare. Examples of the most efficient foods are:

– Tinned soups

– Tinned vegetables (beans, spaghetti)

– Bread (Rolls, sandwiches)

– Eggs (Fried, scrambled, omelette)

– Crisps (Quick Snack)

– Chocolate Bars (Sugar)

– Biscuits (For tea)

– Bacon – Hot dogs/Sausages

– Pot Noodles (Quick Snack)

– Ham

– Butter (Cooking, sandwiches)

– Oil – Sauces (Tomato, Brown)

– Pasta (Very filling, add soup to make a sauce)

As you may have noticed there are items of food which you will need to cook, you can prepare these with your stove. You will need this stove for boiling water in a pan, cooking bacon or sausages, boiling the kettle, heating the soup and you could even do a fry up!

In the summer months it may be worth taking some sun cream if you do not wear a hat because sitting by the water’s edge you’re likely to catch the sun more than you realise. Antibacterial hand gel is another favourite; this is just to freshen up your hands after touching the bait and the fish.

Source by Lauren McGarvey

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