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Orthopedics – Many Different Career Choices

Orthopedics is a lucrative segment in the medical career field. There are a variety of different jobs one can have in this field. It does require a lot of schooling to be employed in the field; however, the paycheck is worth the investment.

If one is interested in studying the muscles, nerves, bones and ligaments of the human body, he or she would be well-suited for a career in orthopedics. Many people think that the careers this field are limited to just doctors, but that is not necessarily the case. From a biology degree to a business degree, there is something for everyone in this field.

Careers in the orthopedic industry span from anywhere doctors to sales people. This field is full of well-paying jobs, if one just knows how to look for one. It is important to know what exactly he or she is qualified to do and what he or she wants to do.

If one is interested in becoming a physician who works in this field, an orthopedic surgeon is a good career field. A surgeon can operate on many different body parts including hands, feet, knees, elbows, shoulders, etc. Basically, anywhere there are bones and joints. There are a variety of specialties in this field including surgeons who specialize in just hands, for example. Not all cases require surgery, sometimes, medications are enough to rectify a problem. Other cases, however, may require physical therapy.

A career in physical therapy is also another job that allows one exposure to orthopedics. In this field, the physical therapist will help rehabilitate a person who has gone through orthopedic surgery. Physical therapists do this by recommending and assisting patients in doing exercises to fix a problem. For example, someone with a knee problem will be prescribed exercises to do that focus on strengthening the muscles and joints in that area. Being a physical also requires several years of school and in the field practice. A physical therapist must know how the joints and muscles of the body work, therefore must study while in school.

If one is not interested in being a doctor, he or she could pursue a career in orthopedic nursing. While it still requires schooling, it is not intense as a surgeon and still allows one to be exposed to orthopedics, although not as first hand as a doctor.

Lastly, there is a business side to the orthopedic industry by working in sales. If one is interested in orthopedics, but more from a business stand point, he or she can pursue a career selling equipment to orthopedic doctors. This requires significantly less schooling than a surgeon or a physical therapist, but needs more on-the-job training. One still needs to know how the different muscles of the body function so that he or she can best sell the products to the orthopedic surgeon.

Clearly, there are a lot of different career paths to explore in this one lucrative segment of the medical field. It really just depends on what interests you most and what side you can see yourself working in. Which means, are you interested in being more hands on with patients or more on the business end. Whichever you choose, jobs in the orthopedic field are well-paying, highly sought after careers.

Source by Andrea Avery

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