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5 (100%) 2 votes

We strongly believe that achievement will always be possible, and realized when opportunities are properly harnessed with adequate preparation. Our primary role therefore, is to prepare individuals that are willing to take their destiny in their hands and stand very tall in their respected places of honor.


We are E-University, a free online Website of world class, equipping individuals through various programs that increase knowledge and skills. It therefore means that prepared minds, by click of mouse or using other mobile devices, can learn anything at anytime and anywhere using our resources. We are open to membership in all our numerous courses which are relatively cheap and affordable. A close look at our courses will convince you that we exist to empower individuals, as well as groups, to take full control and exploit any slight opportunity created for excellence. Our membership cadre ranks in the following order of prestige:

  • Basic member.
  • Standard member.
  • Premium member.
  • Ultimate member.

From the above arrangement, each category of membership is earned by subscriptions within the provision attached. Payment can either be monthly, quarterly or one off in ultimate membership only. It is interesting to note that Basic membership attracts no subscription at all. Although it runs free offered courses, no course materials can be downloaded by any member in this category. Unlike Basic category, Standard, Premium and Ultimate members have access to all courses and can download course materials. You can view our course fees and subscription method in our link below.


The primary goal of this Online institution is to empower people  [ individual or group] with programs that make them marketable wherever they  find  themselves, either as employers or hired  labor. Below are some of the over 500 courses that we offer for increase in knowledge and skills acquisition:

  • E- Business / E- Marketing.
  • Employment / Jobs.
  • Business / Investing.
  • Computers / Internet.
  • Cooking / Food.
  • Health / Fitness / Weight Loss / Beauty.
  • Parenting / Family.
  • Self Development.

Our course contents [training, part time or marketing] will give you the following benefits:

  • Social marketing
  • Developing sites that make profit.
  • You will make huge cash on Cickbank.
  • Create best selling information through Expert interview.
  • Sponsorship secret.
  • Cashing big in Health and wellness Industry
  • Best way to start business with other people’s money.
  • Writing highly Reactive sales letter.
  • Discover 77 Timeless wealth secrets to make you rich.
  • Home Based Business Building Strategies.
  • Offline money making from local Business.
  • How to get organized.
  • How to Remove and avoid spyware.
  • Know various recipes and their values.
  • Self Defense for women.
  • A guide to Astronomy.
  • Trace you Family by Genealogy course.
  • Know everything about public speech.
  • 100 Body building Tips.
  • Proper mindset for Health and fitness.
  • Exercise Pips for the Elderly.
  • Learn how to be an Air courier.

The list of course relevance continues with emphasis on human development with benefit to individual as well as group participation. In sports, we can graduate you from a trainee to a super star, mentor or celebrated trainer using our resources.

If one must be relevant in our society of today, it must be measured in terms of knowledge empowerment, skills acquisition and exposure to current life challenges to offer appropriate solution. If you must be hired like most professionals working beyond the shores of their country boarders, or care to hire others as an employer, we can transform your dream into reality. The quality of our course materials are all tailored towards individual empowerment and of course, second to none. At E-University, the culture is to make every member relevant for a life time, but it is much pronounced in the Ultimate membership category. Therefore, the target of every member should not fall below the projection of measuring up to this prestigious cadre of being an Ultimate member. Give us an opportunity by using the link provided to enroll in any of our courses; we in turn will project you as a life time professional of excellence and reputation, especially the Ultimate members.

……24×7 E-University………..Powerful knowledge and skill at your door step to Excellence……….


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