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Overwhelming Requests For Restaurants to Donate, Donate, Donate – Tracking System Worth Implementing

Systems have been put in place at restaurants to make their everyday operations run smoothly, ones they often wondered what they ever did without. Systems that can make and track reservations, such as Open Table, have transformed the way a restaurant can run its business.

There is another piece of technology hitting restaurants promising to make their everyday operations more efficient while offering benefits such as good community relations, professionalism, and a tracking service bound to help their bottom line.

Restaurants, like hotels and Spas, are often hit up for free donated dinners for the sake of non-profit fundraising, some receiving hundreds of requests a month for donated items. If you are a restaurant handling these types of requests, there are some important questions to be asked. How much exposure will you get in return for your donation? How much time do you spend handling all these requests? Are you on or off your donations budget for the year? How much is actually being given away? How much business is being generated by these donated items? Tracking this type of information can be time consuming and is normally is put on a forever backburner.

Cutting edge restaurants have started using the latest technology to explore this untapped arena. A leading online auction platform connecting charity auctions, consumers, and commercial item donors, is implementating interactive Auction Item Request Systems in companies to manage item donor programs. This allows for item requests to be handled directly through the restaurant’s website, with significantly reduced administrative resources, all while giving a professional experience to the item donor (often an influential member of the local community).

Nationally recognized restaurants, using the system, have already started to track the amount of requests they receive, the requests that have been approved or declined, what type of request, what type of organizations have requested items and what percentage of the items donated are being used for specific purposes. They have a dashboard of all their request information, including monthly tracking charts all in one place.

The system gives an organized view of evaluating donation requests and fulfilling them in an orderly and timely way, but it also helps us to keep track over the year much and what has been donated and to whom. Restaurants are now going from an anecdotal and disorganized system of donations to one that is in control.

As easy as it is for the restaurants to use the system, it is just as user friendly for the person making the request. Organizations can visit the restaurant’s website, click on the item request link, and this will bring them to a form where they can easily complete their type of request. The system immediately sends the organization an email acknowledging the request and telling them when they will be back in touch avoiding the problem of organizations feeling like they don’t know where they stand. Professionalism is a key part of the value.

The system notifies the restaurant of the request and then allows them an approval letter or letter of decline, in a timely fashion. For those requests which are denied, not all is lost. Within the response letter is an offer to find donated items for them. The organization will then have an opportunity to run an online auction using supplied donated items, including many luxury brands, in efforts to raise funds for their organization.

The program has had a welcomed reception by all those using the system as of date. It literally takes moments to set up and offers tracking that would normally take hours to do on a weekly basis.

Finally, an efficient way to handle requests with real metrics being tracked.

Source by Kaijsa Kurstin

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