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Romantic Gifts For Her – Give Her Affordable Created Emerald Jewelry Fit for a Queen

Why not offer her a beautiful piece of emerald jewelry that Queen Cleopatra would have been willing to die for?

It has been said that of all the precious gemstones, that emeralds are the one most fit for royalty. This has been true ever since 3000 BC, when Queen Cleopatra became entranced with the sparkle and unearthly green beauty of emeralds.

Along the Red Sea in Upper Egypt there were once upon a time, several emerald mines. It is believed that some of the finest gemstones in antiquity were produced from these mines.

Queen Cleopatra was an avid collector of emeralds and under her rule the mining of emeralds along the red sea expanded. The exhausted remains of "Cleopatra's Mines" were discovered in the 18th century.

The Perfect Romantic Gift For Her – Created Emerald Jewelry

Yet the legend of emeralds being fit for royalty persists even today. This is why emerald fashion jewelry is so highly prized. By giving her a gift of created emeralds, you automatically are telling her that she is the queen of your heart!

Remember you don't need a special occasion to give her a gift of fine fashion jewelry. And while the diamond has long been considered the "king" of love and relationships, emeralds are unique in the gem world.

Unlike diamonds and other precious gemstones, emeralds have a lower specific gravity which simply means that a 1-carat emerald will be bigger than a 1-carat diamond.

Large natural emeralds, especially ones without inclusions (or flaws) are exceedingly rare and therefore beyond the budgets of most ordinary people. But created emerald jewelry is still affordable – no matter how large the stone maybe.

And unlike a natural stone, a lab-created gem will be completely flawless so that its brilliant green fire is unmistakable.

While engagement rings are the most popular "romantic gift" for women, there are dozens of other gift ideas that you can give her that appropriately display your heartfelt sentiments without going overboard.

Many modern celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker have made the right-hand ring a trendy fashion statement for women. These wonderful fashion rings along with earrings, pendants and bracelets, allow you to be freed from thinking "engagement ring only", so you can find the piece of jewelry that suits your beloved the best.

And the deep and mysterious fire of created emeralds allows you to dazzle her just as much as any diamond solitaire would. So even if it's not an important date such as Valentine's Day, an anniversary or a birthday, you can still show her the true depth of your feelings by giving her a gift of created emeralds fit for queen.

Source by Charlotte Pero

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