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Seasons of Life

A man had a wife who was losing her battle to cancer. One day he got the courage to ask her, “How does it feel to know that you are dying?” Her reply was swift and timeless: “How does it feel pretending you are not?”

You are probably not dying, and in fact, you might be in the best shape of your life. You may be a healthy young football player in your freshmen year of college reading this, or you may be a young financial advisor looking ahead to a bright future. But the reality we all face is that this season of your life will change. What your life is about right now will not last forever. You must come to the realization that, if you do not do something with this life in this season you are now enjoying, then life will march on and this opportunity will be lost.

Paul Bear Bryant, the legendary head coach of the University of Alabama, was asked to do a television commercial for AT & T the week before Mother’s Day. As he settled into the studio, the personnel told him that the ad would be easy. They told him that they’d hold a script next to the camera and he could just read it. They practiced by holding it up while he read.

“This is Paul Bryant, the head coach of Alabama, and this weekend is Mother’s Day. Call your mama.”

The Bear told the studio staff that he was ready, and that he didn’t need a script. Uneasy, the producers decided to go ahead and try it.

“This is Paul Bear Bryant, the head coach of the University of Alabama, Roll Tide Roll” he began. “This weekend is Mother’s Day; call your mama,” he said, but then added one more line of his own, “I wish I could.”

Seize your seasons.

There are so many seasons. There is the season when you are in high school, then the four years in college, the dating years, the time when you are starting out living in an apartment and watching every penny, dating, just married, the years when the kids are small, and on and on. Life comes at you in seasons, and each season doesn’t last very long at all.

Each one of those successive seasons is calling for you to make something grand of it. You were not meant to be a passive observer of each season. You were called to be a doer. Each season does not last very long, and after it’s over, you’re going to ask, “Why didn’t I enjoy that more, give it more, be in less of a hurry to get to the next level? There was something I was called to do there and I missed it.” Why not ask the questions for the next season before you get into it? “What will this opportunity ask of me? What are my gifts? What makes me feel alive?”

I have seen so many people who cannot come to terms with this “seasons” fact of life, especially in the athletic world. I have seen so many athletes as well as coaches who can’t face the inevitable fact that a season of life has ended and it’s time to move on. They will keep on playing or keep on coaching, coming back after it’s over and most sadly, missing the start of a brand new season.

Harry Truman once said: “Do not ask what the world needs of me. Ask what makes me more alive. What the world needs are more people who are alive. There are already too many people walking around dead.” It is time to ask yourself, “What makes me more alive?” The goal is to come to the end of your current season and be all used up, without a single shred of energy left. Ask yourself, In this season of my life, what would make me feel more alive?

Is it simply being rich? Don’t be afraid to question that. If we are trying to “Think and Grow Rich” at this season of life, then ask yourself, “What is rich?” Is it more money so you can bless others with your wealth? Is rich being a better father, mother or friend? Is being rich that you become the top of your field? What is rich?

Beverly Sills was being interviewed when she took over as the head of The New York Metropolitan Opera. She was asked why she quit singing when she was at the top of her game. At the time she was singing as well as anyone in the world. She pointed to a bracelet she was wearing that said, IDTA. The reporter asked her what that meant and she said, “I did that already.” The singing season was over for her, and that no longer made her feel rich. She was now manifesting a new vision and entered a brand new season of her life.

Look to your season and live it for then.

Source by Dr. Kevin Elko

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