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Skin Moles – 3 Dangers Signs To Look Out For

Melanoma’s pose a real and very present danger to almost all of us. With the sun getting more and more dangerous every year, its remarkable how many people are still oblivious to the dangers that UV poses to your skin. Skin cancer is one of the biggest killers worldwide and in certain countries it is one of the diseases that claim the most victims. Australia is one such country and apart from people’s outdoors lifestyles the fact that the ozone layer is getting thinner means the risk is getting bigger.

If you have moles on your body then you need to pay particular attention to the danger signs of skin cancer. If diagnosed early and treated quickly is can be controlled. Moles are particularly fragile in the sun and knowing your moles on your body is very important. Usually when a moles starts changing you need to take action and see a doctor. Lets quickly look at 3 of the most prominent danger signs.

1. Shape And Boarder Of The Mole

Most healthy moles are round or oval shaped with s smooth and uniform shape. When your moles starts changing shape and become more irregular in form or becomes more square shaped then its a danger sign. Also, when a dark outline develops around the perimeter you need to get it checked out.

2. Texture

In a healthy state it should be the same texture as your skin and although it tends to protrude ever so slightly above the skin surface its not swollen. When it does become swollen though you need to take care. When the texture changes you need to pay very close attention because when scales start forming or it becomes more rough in texture then something is probably wrong.

3. Color

One of the first and most prominent signs of an unhealthy mole is when it starts changing color. If it becomes very dark and/or when it becomes red then its not a healthy sign. You should also pay attention to black or dark spots developing in the moles itself as this can be a bad sign.

While none of these signs imply anything serious its mere a guide to help you take action. Often its as simple as getting a doctor to have a quick look. Its always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Source by Deon Du Plessis

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