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Ten Great Reasons for Using AVReporter Energy Management Software

AVReporter energy management software is a tool that can be used day to day by management and engineers alike. It easily enables the handling of large quantities of data from a variety of otherwise standalone sources. It is provided with a comprehensive set of data analysis tools and formatting options to allow the user to create just the right view and summary of their data.

AVReporter software will help you track and summarize energy consumption easily, providing ready and available reports for day to day operation improvements and overall performance management. Based on industry experience, day to day energy management practices will save 5-10% of your energy use.

Metered data logged by the software, along with the reports provided will greatly assist with the successful implementation of your energy efficiency investments. Monitored and managed projects will ensure an additional 10-20% energy savings over time.

Tracking energy use and managing power peaks allows your operators to limit unnecessary demand charges and better control overconsumption, avoiding excessive charges and penalties on your energy bills.

Power profile dashboards provide your operators with continuous performance monitoring and ongoing performance tracking. Opportunities for maintaining and improving equipment operation are easily detected and diagnosed.

AVReporter software provides a scalable solution that can be applied to small, medium and even global applications. Your first installation of AVReporter at one site can easily be expanded without loss of time or expense. The system can then be expanded according to your schedule and budget.

Due to its user-friendly interface in either desktop or web environment, AVReporter is an excellent tool for any user, providing ready access to all reports and dashboards. At the same time, it can quickly be configured and maintained by your support staff using its wizard-like modules and online documentation.

On the fly multi- language and multi-currency support enables AVReporter to be used in multinational environments.

AVReporter can easily be integrated to different systems (building supervision, production supervision, management know-how etc …). The included AVR Connection Center utility is one of the software's most noted features.

AVReporter has modules designed for specific users, such as energy managers, that greatly facilitate their reporting and data analysis needs. Additional modules are planned and can easily be added as required without any modifications to your existing installation.

AVReporter installs quickly and efficiently. Typical installation times range from 15 to 30 minutes. Operation, adding modules and overall maintenance of AVReporter has been streamlined and well documented. Very little if any IT support is required, allowing you to better manage and minimize operating and maintenance costs.

AVReporter is easy to use and fully supported with on-line help and video instruction.

Overall, AV Reporter is a great solution for any size installation or application that requires a flexible and easy to apply energy management reporting system.

Source by Veronika Galambos

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