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Teprenone – Your Answer To Ageing

Teprenone treatment can be a huge boon for everyone. Let us be sincere with our own selves for just once, and answer the age old question honestly. Who does not desire to ‘live happily ever after’? We all have our own little story and everyone wants theirs to end with those 4 words. Immortality has got man thinking since the dawn of mankind.

But if you are on the threshold of killing your own self, you wouldn’t be reading about a product that would make you look younger. With the raise in the number of ageing people, the use of Teprenone is on the rise. Nobody should look old any longer.

Teprenone, is basically a drug, that is often used for treating gastric ulcers as it helps to defend the mucosal lining of your stomach, yet at the same time, not suppressing your stomach acids. This makes it a very useful product, but many scientists also use teprenone to annul the ageing process of your skin.

What the teprenone does is that it pierces deep into the basal layers of your skin and also stabilizes the telomeres. The telomeres are the tip of the chromosomes. These telomeres help your cell to multiply or reproduce itself. As a person gets older, the telomeres often get shorter. When at its shortest, it is known as the ‘critical point’

The telomere cannot shrink after the critical point. It can go away only. It has been found that teprenone has a shielding property towards telomere, if used topically. Thus, effectively it acts as nourishment for the telomere, and not only does it stop the telomere from shrinking, but also nourishes the telomere and helps it grow. This happens as the teprenone promotes the activity of an enzyme that prompts generation of the telomere.

Teprenone is actually derived from organic, natural substances. This is a fatty acid with a long chain, and is known as geranylgeraniol. This substance is used by insects as pheromone, and is also very closely related to fatty acids that are found in goat’s milk.

Of course, one question that is on everyone’s mind is, can we get it without a prescription? The answer is yes. As long as you are using it topically, you would not need a prescription to get teprenone at any pharmacy.

Source by Tom Billmore

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