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Top 5 Addiction Treatment Centers

Drug and alcohol abuse is no longer left to the celebrities alone, as it has become one of the most widespread problem in the world over. Starting from street addiction to high end chemical parties, addiction has managed to ruin many lives and families universally.

But not many people understand the fact that quitting addiction is not a user’s personal choice alone, as it involves crucial processes like detoxification and thorough counseling sessions. Which is why we have rounded up the best rehab centers in our top five countdown to help your loved one quit the problem of addiction, once and for all.

Promise Treatment Center


Considered to be of the best rehab centers in the United States, The Promise treatment center has become a place which has drawn the maximum number of celebrities annually. With centers located in Malibu, Los Angeles and California, the Promise Treatment Center uses the open door form of treatment, which entitles the residents to move around freely as they please. This treatment center also offers the strongest one on one counselling sessions, anger management therapy, along with a host of other treatments which is essential for quitting drugs and alcohol abuse.

Solutions Recovery Center


Anonymity is one of the biggest problems that many people fear while seeking out a decent rehabilitation center for help, as many times mediocre rehabilitation centers are more than willing to give out personal information of patients. Solution Recovery Center has managed to make quite a name for itself over the years, being one of the most popular and successful rehab centers which offers both proper treatment along with some much needed privacy. Offering help to both indoor and outdoor patients, this Florida based treatment center offers some of the best ways to quit the disease of addiction.

Malibu Horizon Rehab Center


Coming in as one of the most popular Florida based rehabilitation center, Malibu Horizon has without a doubt proved their success as one of the best rehab centers in the US. Breaking away from the traditional 12 Step program, Malibu Horizon prefers focusing on individual care helping the patients to reform their identity as a whole, along with some much needed counselling, anger management program, hosted in their extraordinary facility.

The Caron Foundation


Based in Texas, Boca Raton, Florida and Wernersville, The Caron foundation is among the handful of nationally recognized treatment center, which offers help to all types of patients. When it comes to addiction teenagers and young adults perhaps face the highest risks, but little do other people understand that this is perhaps the best time to remold their being and help them become successful individuals in life. Using their innovative two step program, The Caron Foundation offers some much needed helps along with group therapy which has proven its worth time and again.

The Betty Ford Center


Standing in at 31 years of experience and 100 beds, The Betty Ford Center is without a doubt among one of the best rehab centers in the United States. Founded in 1982 by the first lady of the US, The Betty Ford center is the only treatment center which encourages family participation in its treatment process. With individual programs for children, teens and adults, along with their effective out patient program, Betty Ford Center has proved to become the most successful rehab center there is.

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