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What is An Essboard?

We have all heard about the Ripstik Caster Board, but did you know that there are other versions of caster board available as well. Another caster board that you can purchase either through your local skateboard retailer or online is the Essboard. As with the Ripstik this one comes with 2 caster wheels (one on the front platform and one attached to the rear platform).

This board originates from Korea and is similar in many ways to the wave board which originates from California and the Exboard which originates from the UK. But as with all these boards in order to get them moving you need to be able to twist your hips in a certain way whilst still remaining your balance on the two platforms of the board which work independently of each other.

Certainly the biggest advantage to be gained by the rider when using any of these particular boards is that you do not need to place a foot on the pavement to push off and provide you with the momentum that you would normally need to do when riding a skateboard. However there are certain disadvantages and advantages to be gained from using one of these boards compared to the more traditional skateboard.

The advantages of using these boards are as follows:-

1. They are extremely easy to ride and although initially you may find the way of riding them a little odd as you get more skilled you find it much easier. Plus learning to ride one of the boards takes a lot less time than learning how to ride a traditional skateboard does.

2. As the board is propelled using the riders body by twisting it in a certain way at no stage will they need to place their feet on the ground to provide them with the momentum that they need. Plus it provides them with a way of getting up hills much more quickly and effectively.

3. The actual ride on these boards is much smoother and it feels more natural, it almost feels as if the person is riding waves along the pavement.

However certainly the advantages of using any kind of caster board are numerous but there are some disadvantages as well.

1. After a while in the beginning the person riding the board may find it extremely tiring especially if they are using parts of their body that they have not used for a long time before.

2. Although these boards can literally turn on the dime actually stopping them especially in the beginning when first learning to ride them can be extremely difficult.

However if you are someone who is not being put off by the disadvantages associated with riding a caster board such as the Essboard or Ripstik then you may want to consider investing in one. Certainly if you are looking for a way to improve both your skateboarding or snowboarding techniques then this may be the right kind of board for you.

Source by Tom Cruz

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