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What Is Paracord Used For?

What is paracord?

Paracord was originally used to connect paratroopers to their parachutes and is still commonly used by all branches of the military for many purposes. It is also known as 550 cord because the standard military spec cord will hold up to 550 pounds without breaking. The military uses it any time they need to use a general purpose light weight cord. Members of the military often like to make paracord bracelets in remembrance of those who are MIA or POWs. Others wear the bracelets to remember the time they have served in the military. The cord is even used by astronauts in space.

Paracord is composed of an outer sheath made of thirty-two individual nylon strands that are braided together. Inside the outer sheath are seven additional strands of nylon, each composed of two to three strands that are twisted together.

What can you make out of paracord?

You can make all kinds of different crafts out of paracord. The most common things people make are bracelets, belts, key chains, lanyards and necklaces. It comes in many different colors and patterns which make it easy to create all different kinds of projects.

Bracelets are by far the most popular project to make. A lot of people like to use the different colors to create many styles of bracelets to match their outfits or their shoes. That's why it has become one of the latest fashion trends.

If you aren't the crafting type, don't worry. Working with paracord is simple. Even if you don't know how to tie a knot, you can find lots of great tutorials at online video sites. Within minutes, you can be starting your first project.

Why do people wear paracord?

Paracord can be used in many different survival situations. If you were to become severely injured and needed something to cut off the blood supply to an arm or leg, you can use it as a tourniquet. If you were to wander off a trail and become lost, you can use it to help build a shelter. It can be used to create a net or as a light duty rappelling rope.

The inner core can even be removed and used as sewing thread or fishing line. Paracord can be used to help save your life in various situations. That's why many campers and outdoor enthusiasts won't leave home without at least a small amount in their backpack or bag.

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