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What Is Social Model Rehab?

*Social Model

The Social model has quickly become the most popular structure among rehab centers across the world. The social model is based on taking a drug addict and giving them a new pier group and community support system.

This relies on a group of people taking an individual and inviting them into their society. The group offers the person help in matters of living life. They share knowledge and experience with the new member and participate in activities of a recovery, relationship building, leisure, and extra curricular nature together. This structure has proven very effective for several years and has begun to take a dominant stance over most of the alternative treatment methods.

*The Roots

The ideology that forms the essence of this structure has been prevalent for ages. However, it was not until the social movement of Alcoholics Anonymous came about that it was successfully implemented into a program of long term recovery for Alcoholics and addicts. After the uprising of AA, this winning formula was adopted into rehab centers all over the world.

*Why is it successful?

The why of it is a matter of opinion. In my belief, it does not matter why it works. It only matters that the rehab program does work. It could be that a very common characteristic among Alcoholics and Drug addicts is an overwhelming sense of loneliness. When you take a person who is tormented by inherent feelings of separateness and offer them a new sense of inclusion and acceptance, they become willing to change themselves in order to continue to obtain the results that they get from the group.

All of this being said, I believe that the Social Model is best suited for Rehab programs given who the programs are dealing with and what the goal of the program is.

Source by Joshua Thatcher

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