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What Organism Causes the Swine Flu?

Swine flu is a derivative and like other derivatives has a genealogy. Often, the crux of finding a successful vaccine hinges on proper understanding of the attributes of the derivative. It follows then that to find out which organism causes swine flu it is necessary to study it’s genealogy.

Of course the flu was at one point restricted to pigs only, but even then had similarities with the common cold virus, gastroenteritis virus and the regular flu virus. Obviously, something happened to the virus, mutation or whatever else because it transgressed. And it is understanding the why and how of this transgression which is the key to understanding what organism causes swine flu in humans.

Physiologically we are similar to pigs and can share some traits. The primary difference however, is the virus would have to modify to transgress as in it’s pig form it wouldn’t be able to get past first base; the human immune system. And out of interest, there have been cases of previously human only diseases to transgress to pigs and other animals – it seems then this can work both ways!

Many of us can remember a few short years ago, there was an outbreak of avian flu which transgressed to humans. After many tests and research projects a reliable vaccine was eventually found. And no doubt a reliable vaccine will be found for swine flu virus [] too, since after all, it is not entirely new, it’s merely a new strain of an old virus.

Source by Mirian Guimaraes-Thomas

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