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What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Chef and Earn That High Salary!

After reading this information, an individual will know the answer to the question, what qualification do you need to be a Chef? In addition, general descriptions of terminology and other types of work in the cooking profession will be discussed. This is necessary because in some parts of the world chef versus cook is synonymous. In other parts of the world chef and cook mean two drastically different things. Education is the first goal for any one inspiring to be a chef and earn good money, but as in most high paying jobs, a substantial amount of education and apprenticeship is actually required to apply the term “Chef” to a profession. An expert chef, or a really good one, is: educated, an artist, a manager, a supervisor, an excellent public relations representative, and capable of taking charge the culinary management of a business even when the owner is not present. Oftentimes, however, the chef is the owner.

The first step towards becoming a chef is to attend a two year culinary arts program earning an associate degree. This will open the door to many professional culinary colleges in the United States. A simple search of the internet will bring up the colleges and institutes and their requirements. While, attending the two year educational process, an apprenticeship is mandatory. An apprenticeship, almost seem like an antiquated term or position, but there are still a number of professions that either require a formal apprenticeship or an informal apprenticeship, either way being an apprentice requires the same abilities. Those abilities include certain positive personality traits. An individual must be willing to respect the executive chef’s, education, knowledge, skill, and abilities. In addition and most certainly, a person will start their apprenticeship at the lowest step in the hierarchy of executive chef subordinates. An apprenticeship program generally lasts four to six years, depending on the program that is chosen. Learning to become a chef is a hands on training program. An individual who will resist the most menial assignments will not do well. After completing a bachelor degree and additional apprenticeship, an individual can reward themselves with the title, “chef”. A sous chef is often second in charge and will stand in for the Executive Chef when not available. None of the above should be confused with the qualifications to be employed as a cook.

There are however, common aspects, to development in both professions. A cook must apprentice/or receive on the job training. In addition even small kitchens have subordinate positions under the direction of the cook or employer. The same process applies to working your way up to the higher level positions as it does with becoming a chef, one station, and one position at a time, under the supervision of the Head Cook or employer. What is not common to the professions is the any type of certified trained chef commands a high salary. Most cooks are paid very poorly.

This is really a brief overview of one very important part of the culinary industry, but hopefully it does answer the question, what qualifications you need to be a chef.

Source by Terrell Dean

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