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What Ringworm Treatments Are Effective?

An effective ringworm treatment can be started only when it is properly diagnosed by your dermatologist. The most interesting thing is that until the 19th century it was thought that ringworm infection was caused by a worm which was working its way up the humans bodies and only in the 19th century it was found out that actually this infection is caused by a fungus. But even if you know that it’s actually caused by a fungus, what effective ringworm treatments can you choose?

To defeat your enemy, you must know the enemy, so what do we know about ringworm and its treatment?

Ringworm itself spreads really quickly. The fungus is passed from person to person through a skin to skin contact or by touching ringworm infected objects. It is a very common case that ringworm passes to humans from animals. Especially those who spend a large amount of time outdoors.

Thanks to the medical progress of these days, the treatment is a really simple procedure.

The most simple way to treat ringworm at home is to make a trivial mix of water and cider vinegar and apply it with a cloth on the affected area, for about 16-20 minutes everyday.

Also, you can mix 2 drops of tea tree oil with 1 ounce of water. This has also shown quite impressive results in healing skin areas affected by ringworm infection.

However, be very careful when you treat an infant who has an infection. Babies’ skin is very sensitive, about 10 times more sensitive compared to adult’s. So mixing different acids (vinegar is an acid) can permanently damage you baby’s skin. Furthermore, it can cause breathing problems.

Some mothers around the world use some warmed standard baby oil as a ringworm treatment. All you have to do is just heat a small amount of baby oil and then apply it on the damaged area.

It is highly recommended that you consult a doctor before treating the ringworm infection on your babies, or at least buy some special cream for babies that is used for treatment.

And always remember that it is better to use professionally made ringworm treatments than making one yourself. There is always some risk to damage your health by doing so.

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