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Why Colchicine Cannot Cure Your Gout

If you are one of the hyperuricemia patients who suffer from gout attacks on a regular basis, colchicine is definitely not something new to you. It is the most common medicine taken by gout patients to rectify the pain and inflammation they are suffering.

For those who are the ‘beginner’ gout patient, colchicine taken with some pain killer works very well in getting rid of the swelling and the burning pain. This gives a very good first impression on the drug for it seems to be able to cure the pain immediately.

Once a gout patient knows that there is a magical antidote to his painful inflammation, he will somehow less likely to keep his diet and lifestyle in balance. Having a healthy diet is the most vital measure in preventing potential gout attack in the future.

For someone who ever suffered from an gout attack before and is still having high blood uric acid level, he should and must cut down his consumption of high purine food such as red meat, seafood, organ meat, beer, etc. This is to prevent the uric acid to accumulate more and more in the body.

Most of the gout patients do not know that colchicine is just a temporary fix the for the gout symptoms which are the inflammation, redness, and the awful pain. Colchicine has nothing to do in removing the uric acid or urate crystals that triggers the gout attack.

As more and more urate crystals deposit inside the joints, the frequency and intensity of the gout attacks will increase too. This will cause the patient to take in more or higher dosage of the drug in order to relieve from the pain. This is the sign of a very unhealthy vicious cycle.

Sooner or later the patient will become a chronic gout sufferer who needs stronger types of pain killers such as non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or NSAID or cortisone injection in order to get rid of the killing pain.

All these drugs that the patient had consumed over the years will definitely cause some other side effects such as liver cirrhosis and kidney failure. Liver is where the body decomposes all those harmful chemicals that come with the drugs and kidney is where those toxics are being filtered out from the blood.

Due to certain reasons, there will never be an official data that support this vicious cycle of gout drugs. If you want to find out truth, try to look for some chronic gout patients (look for those who have bulging joints and gout tophi) and ask about the history of their gout medication.

Source by Heemen Ee

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